Sterilization Systems

Sterilization Systems

We are committed to providing you with a safe environment and as part our commitment to patient education, we thought that some information about our sterilization procedures may be of interest to you. Sterilization is a high priority in our office, and we exceed the highest standards.


Each one of our instruments and hand pieces undergo thorough sterilization, as well as a process called "autoclaving". We use the following steps to achieve the most thorough and complete sterilization.

  1. Each instrument is thoroughly scrubbed with antibacterial soap and water in order to remove any debris.
  2. The instrument is placed in an ultrasonic cleaner which vibrates any remaining debris.
  3. Autoclaved instruments and hand-pieces undergo 30 pounds per square inch of pressure for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

For complete assurance of our sterilization procedures, our steam sterilizers are checked weekly. Our instruments are run with a sealed sample of bacterial spores sent to us by an outside testing service. After the cycle has been run, the samples are sent for evaluation for complete sterility. Weekly records are kept on file for review.

Disposable Equipment

Using disposable equipment whenever possible also helps us provide you with the highest quality of care. All syringe needles, unit dose anesthetics and suction tips are disposed of immediately after each individual patient procedure.

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